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The Sunset Series is a contemporary romance series following the lives and loves of those who work at the Club Blue escort agency.  Set in the sparkling San Francisco Bay area, these clean romances explore romantic love, redemption, friendship, and what it means to be human and fallible yet still deserving of love.


This new series from author Opal Mellon is sweet and funny, with a hint of mystery and real emotion that pulls you into the story and the world of these characters.
Lauren Dee, Daisycake Creative
It’s refreshing to see love portrayed as positive emotions and mutual respect alongside the physical attraction between two people- not the number of times they can have sex in a 7-day period.
Amazon Reviewer Amanda
Melon weaves a message about love, redemption, and hope.
Amazon Reviewer Quirkyorno
I loved the way Mellon handles love. She handles it as the precious item that it really is. The way she paints a picture with words is excellent.
Amazon Reviewer WoodBeNice